By Max Hattler
Music by Max Hattler / mixed by Christopher Wilson

UK / 2005 / 2’30 / no dialogues
Production : Royal College of Art – London / Max Hattler

Motifs caractéristiques de l’Islam, patchworks américains, couleurs et formes des drapeaux se mélangent pour former un champ de réflexion abstrait.

Islamic patterns and American quilts and the colours and geometry of flags as an abstract field of reflection.

Available in DVD : Animatic Volume 3


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Collision / Max Hattler / 2005

Collision / Max Hattler / 2005

More Than 45 selections

Resfest, Animadrid, Annecy, Toronto, Melbourne, Dublin, Sarajevo, Utrecht, Bristol…


London, Dublin, Verona, Volgofrad, Bermuda Short Gate