Donato Sansone “MILKYEYES”

One hour of crazy animations & experimentations !!

Donato Sansone (aka Milkyeyes) is the Italian genius of animation with cult movies such as Videogiocco and Journal Animé.
Exploring and mixing animation and live action, his world is made up of funny, sexy and crazy visual experiments and performances.
His films have been selected in the most important international festivals (Annecy, Clermont, Ottawa, Toronto, Palm Spring, Hiroshima…)

Containing :
all his short films (Bavure, Robhot, Journal animé…)
+ bonus (Music videos, experimentations…)

Price : 15 euros (shipping costs not included – 3€ for France // 5€ for international shipping)

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donnyREEL-01012019 from Donato Sansone (milkyeyes) on Vimeo.