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20 years of Brest

Brest 20 years retraces the best moments of this European short film festival.

Movies :
The two fragonards by Philippe Le Guay 1986-13 min
Backstage Trombone by Hubert Toint 1988-13 min
Emilie mullerD’Yvon Marciano 1993-12 min
Fridge de Peter Mullan 1995-20 min
Le Signaleur de Benoit mariage 1997-20min-v.o subtitled
The cliff of Foaouzi Bensaïdi 1998-18 min
Skin Deep de Yousaf Ali Khan 2001-14 min- subtitled v-o
The Land of Bears by Jean-Baptiste Leonetti 2003-29 min
Cashback by Sean Ellis 2003-18min v-o with subtitles

Short generation(s), a document from Olivier Bourbeillon (23mn)
Brest festivals poster gallery 1986 at 2005
Brest festivals trailers 2001 at 2005
Trailers of the Reperages collection

Sound : french and english / subtitles : fr

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  • Oscars 2010 animated short film for Logorama
  • César 2011 for best short film for Logorama
  • Prix Export Unifrance 2015 and 2021
  • Best European Producer Cartoon Tribute 2016
  • Unifrance Best distributor Award 2019 & 2023
  • Eurimages co-production Development Award 2021
  • 3 Goya, 2 Magritte, 1 Cartoon d’Or, 1 Cristal TV Annecy
  • 9 nominations to César
  • More than 500 prizes at festivals
  • More than 3 000 selections including Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Toronto, Sundance, Annecy, Clermont-Ferrand…

Autour de Minuit is a film production company created in 2001 by Nicolas Schmerkin to support projects with innovative forms and impertinent contents, giving pride of place to new technologies and sound creation. Over time, the editorial line opened up to other genres and audiences, such as documentaries, music videos, fiction or animation for kids and families.

The company now has a team of eight permanent staff, as well as two studios, in Paris and Angoulême, which can accommodate up to 60 people.

Hybridization of techniques, media and genres, at the heart of the artistic approach of most of the works carried out by the company, allows him to explore plastic and sensory territories that are still virgin. The company has produced more than 80 short ones including the classics Plays, Flesh, Carlitopolis, Babioles, periphery, Decorated, Burr, Panic in the village and Logorama.

Autour de Minuit has also been dedicated since 2004 with world distribution of animation, series and special formats with a catalog of more than 400 films. The company has been producing or co-producing since 2012 projects for TV, for instance the hybrid series for adults Babioles (Canal+), three TV specials Panic in the village : The Christmas Log, Back to school, The County Fair and The summer break (Canal + and France Televisions), the kids series No-No (52×7' for 4-6 year olds, on Piwi + since 2018), of which three 26’ specials were also available on Piwi+ : Rising Waters in Underwood Springs! ! (released in theaters in France with Cinéma Public Films), No-No Shrinks!, and No-No in Space. The company also produced the first season of Jean- Michel Super Caribou (52×11' for 6-8 year olds) available on Okoo and France 5 since February 2020.

Autour de Minuit also produces and develops teen/adult series projects like Freaked out (20×2’ on Canal+), the serial adaptation of Théo Grosjean’s comic strip The most freaked out man in the world in co-production with Kyan Khojandi's company FKLG, but also fucking cat.

Autour de Minuit also affirms its passage over time : the company, which was associate producer of the first Spanish animated feature film for adults Psiconautas directed by Alberto Vazquez (Greenpeace Price at San Sebastian 2015, Goya 2017 for Best Animated Feature), the company completed its second feature film, Unicorn Wars, Goya 2023 for Best Animated Feature, selected in competition at the Annecy festival 2022 and released in theaters on 28 December 2022. Two other feature projects are in development : The Midnight King (an animated musical with original songs by Patrick Watson) and Ada et Uzu (based on the graphic novel Shadows by Vincent Zabus and Hippolyte published by Dargaud) which retraces with sensitivity and poetry in the form of a tale the odyssey of two children following in the footsteps of their father, in search of a land of asylum.

Animatic Volume 1

A compilation of award-winning animated shorts and clips in Annecy, Cannes, Clermont… A benchmark in the field.

First installment of a series devoted to animated cinema, Animatic Volume 1 gathers on the same cake of the short animated form : court, clips, pilots and many hidden surprises ...

Short Films
Fast Film, Virgil Widrich (Austria)
Wallet, Vincent Bierrewaerts (France / Belgium)
Dad’s Dead, Chris Shepherd (UK)
Extn. 21, Lizzie Oxby (UK)
The Promise Land, Gili Dolev (Israel)
Do you have the shine ?, Johan Thurfjell (Sweden)
Eat, Bill Plympton (USA)
At the end of the world, Konstatin Bronzit (France)
The sewn mouth, Jean-Luc Greco, Catherine Buffat (France)
My closet, Blanquet and Olive (France)

Electronic Perfomers, Soft Machine (clip for Air)
Flowers, Nobrain (clip for Emilie Simon)
Fantastic, Metronomic (clip pour Mellow)

BONUS : The two bears, Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier
The Bear, the woman and the hunter, Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier
Les screwers, pilot de Daniel Klein / Metronomic
Bad Seed, pilot of Blanquet and Olive
Making of the Fast Film
Making of de Dad’s Dead
Making of de Flowers
Making of de Extn. 21
Three audio versions of Fantastic, of Mellow

DVD-9 / PAL ALL ZONE / 115mn
Sound : french and english / subtitles : –

Price : 12 € (shipping costs not included)
ORDER : -> with payment via Paypal

Animatic Volume 2

A compilation of award-winning animated shorts and clips in Annecy, Cannes, Clermont… The best of international animation.

Shorts Films
Loop, Julien Rancoeur, Charles Blanchard, Vincent Baertsoen,
Emilie Boyard / 2004 / 8 min
The Regulator, Philippe Grammaticopoulos / 2004 / 15 min 30
Killing Time At Home, Neil Coslett / 2003 / 3 min
Plasticat, Simon Bogojevic-Narath / 2003 / 10 min
Fishes, Mirek Nisenbaum / 2003 / 2 min
Poor God, Matthew Abbiss / 2003 / 2 min 40
Caged Birds Cannot Fly, Luis Briceño / 2000 / 3 min 10
Journal, Sebastien laudenbach / 1998 / 12 min
Feeling My Way, Jonathan Hodgson / 1997 / 5 min 30
The Man with arms hanging, Laurent Gorgiard / 1997 / 4 min
Quest, Tyron Montgomery / 1996 / 11 min
Bathrobe, Florence Henrard / 1994 / 4 min

Right or wrong , Joris Clerté and Philippe Massonet
(clip for Prudence) / 2004 / 2 min
Pick up the phone, Luis Briceño
(clip pour No Twist) / 2002 / 3 min 30
Havana, Edouard Salier
(clip for Orishas) / 2002 / 3 min 30

Focus Han Hoogerbrugge
Modern Living / Neurotica, (linear edit) / 3 min
Landslide, (clip pour Dead Man Ray) / 4 min 20
Animen Planet (MTV Art Breaks),
– Monkey Business / 1 min
– Mob Dog / 1 min
– Dirty Bird / 1 min

BONUS : The grasshopper and the ant, Benjamin Sanchez / 2003 / 3 min
Credits for the Annecy festival produced by “Gobelins, the school of the image” / 5 min

Flesh (teaser) / 1 min
Graphic research for Loop / 2 min
Making of The Regulator / 6 min
mAt&spoN Showreel / 2 min

DVD-9 / PAL ALL ZONE / 120mn + 20mn
Audio : french-english / subtitles : –

Price : 12 € (shipping costs not included)
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Animatic Volume 3

A compilation of award-winning animated shorts and clips in Annecy, Cannes, Clermont… A benchmark in the field.

Collision, Max Hattler
Into pieces, Guillerme Marcondes
Warning, Petroleum Pipeline, Jan van Nuenen
What Barry Says, Simon Robson
The Rise and Fall of the Legendary anglobilly ferverson, Face
Caillasses, Chris Stenner, Heidi Wittlinger, Arvid Uibel
Wild potato trilogy
The cow who wanted to jump over the church
TRANSIT, Piet Kroon

What am I, Joris Clerté
Spring Isn’t Fair, Daniel Klein
The Def Song, Kactus Hunters
Kaiten Mokuba
Muybridge Projections
I Turn My Face To The Forest Floor (clip for gravenhurst)

BONUS : Far west, grandchild
City Paradaise, Gaelle Denis
Dog days, Geoffroy de Crécy

Price : 12 € (shipping costs not included)
ORDER : -> with payment via Paypal