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Sea sickness

Sea sickness / Seasick

By Mathieu Auvray, written by Eric Tosti
80′ / France
Production : Autour de Minuit

Original work by Ptiluc published by Vents d’Ouest in 1988

Summary of the original work

Stuck between a raging ocean and an impassable cliff, a band of talking warrior rats tries to survive on a desert island. They must survive daily attacks from bloodthirsty crabs, giant gulls and this tide that arrives and takes everything away.
A stormy day, a hamster nostalgic for his little wheel and a white laboratory mouse end up in this hostile environment. These lost strangers will quickly hatch plans to leave this hell. Bringing hope and not resigning themselves to their fate, they will endanger the established archaic order of the savages.
A cruel and poetic tale that mixes themes as diverse as blind and die-hard conservatism, warlike imbecility and consent to tyranny. Regardless of how these characters face their survival in this universe, they are only the different short-haired reflections of THE human problem since the dawn of time : how to live and survive together?
Question that haunts us, like an always rough sea.

Do Do Do

Do Do Do

They Jens Moller, Derek Picken, Niklas Rissler
85′ / France, Denmark, Sweden, Germany / English dialogues
Production : Autour de Minuit, Parka Pictures, Milford Animation, Zooper Film GmbH

Naïa, a little girl passionate about art and nature, languishes in a concrete and futuristic city. No more traces of fauna and flora : humans have banned them from their universe. Abandoned by her parents, Naïa spends her days in her room or on the city streets dreaming of lost worlds. One day, at the bend of an alley, she meets a strange woman who opens the door to a world that Naïa thought had disappeared



By Xavier Coste
80′ / France

Based on the novel by George Orwell Adapted from the comic strip 1984 by Xavier Coste

  • UDERZO Price 2021 for the best contribution to the 9th art
  • Adapted in 15 LANGUAGES

Winston is employed at the Ministry of Truth, monitored at all times by cameras, spies, neighbors, he works to rewrite history. He vaguely senses that something is wrong in the world as he knows it.. That there must be meaning, somewhere. A secret. We discover the world of Big Brother through his eyes. He describes to us all the workings of this totalitarian state where individual freedoms are almost wiped out.. “1984” takes place in a dystopian future where the world is divided into three constantly warring superstates : Oceania, Eurasia et Estasia. During the two minutes of hatred, the big daily meeting where comrades scream their hatred in front of a screen presenting Goldstein, the enemy of the people, he meets the gaze of a woman... His life will then change.
His meeting with Julia, a rebellious colleague, sparks a forbidden love story and a desperate quest for the truth.

Ada et Uzu

Ada et Uzu / Ada and Uzu

By Nadia Micault
80′ / France, Belgium / French dialogues
Production : Autour de Minuit, Panic !

An animated feature film for the whole family from 8 year olds
According to “Shadows” written by Vincent Zabus and Vincent Tavier

Fleeing the Small Country, two children follow in their father's footsteps in search of a better world. Begins a long journey for these two "migrants". They will meet the capitalist ogre, the snake-ferryman, the treacherous sirens or the metal fortress. They will also meet other travelers, the Fanfaron and the Silent. Ensemble, they will make part of the way to the promised land with the benevolent help of the Shadows.

The Midnight King

By Chris Lavis & Maciek Szczerborwski
90′ / France, Canada / French dialogues / Animation 2D/3D
Production : Autour de Minuit, Micro_Scope & Borderline Films

Music by Patrick Watson

The Midnight King takes viewers into the inner world of a young boy, through a journey that is both magical and musical. The story follows Leo who, trying to escape his daily life, begins a journey through an Enchanted Forest, only to find out that his fears followed him this far. Here, the woods are cursed : only the mighty and mysterious Midnight King can ward off the spell. Leo will have to face his fears and make heavy decisions to find his way home. In the spirit of Dark Crystal, Princess Mononoke and the Big Giant, filmmaker Chris Lavis (Oscar nominee) and musician Patrick Watson, present The Midnight King, a fantastic and timeless adventure exploring the emotions of childhood.

Unicorn Wars

By Alberto Vázquez

Animated feature film (92′) / France, Spain, / Animation 2D/3D
Production : Autour de Minuit, Schmuby, Uniko, Abano

In these distant lands, Bears and unicorns have always been at war.

Private Celestin thirsts for the blood of Unicorns, key to eternal beauty according to the Great Sacred Book.
His brother Dodu, his, don't like war, he prefers blueberries and hugs.
But the final battle draws near. A unit of inexperienced bear cubs leaves the training camp for a commando mission in the Magic Forest. Will they be up to it ?

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