The Midnight King

By Chris Lavis & Maciek Szczerborwski
90′ / France, Canada / French dialogues / Animation 2D/3D
Production : Autour de Minuit, Micro_Scope & Borderline Films

Music by Patrick Watson

The Midnight King takes viewers into the inner world of a young boy, through a journey that is both magical and musical. The story follows Leo who, trying to escape his daily life, begins a journey through an Enchanted Forest, only to find out that his fears followed him this far. Here, the woods are cursed : only the mighty and mysterious Midnight King can ward off the spell. Leo will have to face his fears and make heavy decisions to find his way home. In the spirit of Dark Crystal, Princess Mononoke and the Big Giant, filmmaker Chris Lavis (Oscar nominee) and musician Patrick Watson, present The Midnight King, a fantastic and timeless adventure exploring the emotions of childhood.