100 Manners

100 Manners / 100 ways to draw

By Rachel Marino
2018 / 68 min/ Sans dialogues / Belgium, France, Suisse
Production : Panic!, RTBF, RTS, Nadasdy Film

100 Manners suggests a theme, an idea, a game, a technique, which will inspire a moment of drawing.
Children are full of ideas, each episode of the series will invite them to explore them.
100 Manners is aimed at both beginners and experienced designers, to children and adults, that she invites to reconnect with their part of childhood.
The key word of the series is “to make you want” !

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Jean Michel, Super Caribou (season 2)

Jean Michel, Super Caribou (season 2) / Jeremy Super Caribou (season 2)

By Mathieu Auvray and Pauline Pinson
52 x 11′ / France / French dialogues
Production : Autour de Minuit
Target audience : 6 – 9 year olds

From the books of Magali Le Huche, © Editions Actes Sud
Literary adaptation : Régis Jaulin

Welcome to the pretty town of Vlalbonvent ! Its town hall, his post, its café and its inhabitants will enchant you, all more astonishing and turned on the ones than the others. Fortunately, Jean-Michel the Caribou of the Woods, the super emotional super hero, watch over the village like Superman over Metropolis !
The season will explore three new themes : gender equality, ecology and the defense of individual freedoms, citizenship and critical thinking.

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fucking cat

fucking cat / Fucking Cat

By Christophe Gautry
30 x 2’30 / France / French dialogues
Production : Autour de Minuit

From the albums of Lapuss’ from Kennes Editions

Cats are cute, players, so endearing and soothing ! In appearance only, because do you really know their secret thoughts ?
Attention, you will discover the antics of Moustique, a young black cat in bad faith, determined to poison his master's life. Humor and cats, what more ?

The Seniors

The Seniors

By Ekaterina Bessonova
10 x 22′ / France, Czech Republic / English dialogues / 2D Animation
Production : Autour de Minuit, Protected

Close future. The planet is overpopulated and only rich people can get a permission to have children. The others can settle with adopting a senior.
Seniors are sent to special shelters where they get trained for adoption to a new family.
Our main characters are three senior ladies who live in a shelter. Despite more than uncomfortable circumstances of this world they find their inner freedom throughout friendship with each other

Panic in the village (series)

Panic in the village (series) / A town called panic (series)

By Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier

France / 2002-2003 / 20×5′ / French & English dialogues
Production : Panic!
Target audience : 10 years and older

The cult TV series whose 20 memorably outrageous animated episodes were broadcast in 2003 by Canal+ prior to making their way around the world to festival acclaim and TV popularity!


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Captain Tonus

By Sophie Decroisette & Jerome Mouscadet

France / 2022 / 12 x 2’30 / French dialogues
Production : Dada ! Animation

Captain Tonus is a unique scientific adventurer. A real Thomas Pesquet of the human body. On board his ship, the Positron, which has the ability to shrink to the size of a cell and is equipped with surprising cutting-edge equipment, Captain Tonus has the ability to go inside a human body to observe how it works.. She can thus explain the rules of good health… from the inside ! Tonus is supported in her adventures by an original companion : its on-board computer called Neurone.

In every adventure, the Captain answers a question asked by a child. These questions concern the rules of good health that children must follow and which they do not necessarily understand.

For example, why you should not only eat sweet foods, why it is important to brush your teeth morning and evening or why you should not look at a screen before sleeping.

Captain Tonus, assisted by the Neurone on-board computer, analyze the question. Then, thanks to the futuristic technology it is equipped with, the Positron and its Captain miniaturize and project themselves into a human body. Once in the area concerned by the question, Captain Tonus explains “from the inside”, scientifically and visually, the why of the rule of good health.


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By Nicolas Deveaux (1 meter / hour, 5 meters 80, 7 Tons 3)

France / 2017 / 30×3′ x 4 seasons / No dialogues
Production : Arte France, Cube Creative Productions
Target audience : 4 years and older

Winter sports, summer, urban or aquatic, wild animals compete in sporting events in “Athleticus”. From table tennis to the horizontal bar, from bobsleigh to curling, through skateboarding and synchronized swimming, they react according to their personality and the peculiarities of their anatomy, creating comic or poetic situations, but still shifted. An animated series of 4 seasons of 30 episodes, in 3D and without words, signed Nicolas Deveaux.

Teaser saison 1

Saison 1 : Summer sport (2017)

Saison 2 : Winter sport (2018)

Saison 3 : Urban sport (2021)

Saison 4 : Water sport (2023)

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Babioles (series)

An animated series by Mathieu Auvray

France / 2012 / 23 x 2’30 / no dialogues
Written by Mathieu Auvray, Sebastien Ors, Nicolas Schmerkin, Am, The devil
Production : Autour de Minuit
In coproduction with Canal+, Rocketta-Valk, Nozon Paris

Little toys from our childhood are lost in our absurd and violent adult world. They wander in search of love, hoping to stand out, not just.

Little Toys from our childhood lost in our absurd and violent grown-up world.
They wander about looking for our love, hoping to get some attention, in vain.



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Freaked out

An animated series of 20×2′ for young adults and adults with the voice of Kyan Khojandi

Directed by Théo Grosjean & Mothy
Artistic direction : Kyan khojandi
Adapted from Théo Grosjean's comic strip "The Most Freaked Out Man in the World : Small terrors of everyday life ”edited by Delcourt

Freaked out (adapted from comics “The most freaked out man in the world” by Théo Grosjean) is an autobiographical series featuring Theo's daily life through short independent stories., a character suffering from anxiety disorders. For him, everything is a potential source of anxiety : the metro corridors, an evening with friends, a plane trip, a dark alley at night ...

In constant cogitation, he imagines the worst scenarios adapted to each situation, as harmless as they are. The series explores, from his tired eyes and his brain suffocated with fear, his universe both banal and anxiety-provoking.

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Galaxy Camp (Series)

By Christophe Gautry

A series of 52 episodes of 13′ for the 6 years and older

In development – Animation 2D
Production : Around Midnight with the participation of Borderline Films

Well, we recap : mom and dad's space shuttle was sucked into a black hole just before the start of the holiday season. According to my big sister's calculations, by the time they come back, that leaves us all alone on the asteroid for at least thirty thousand years to take care of the most cosmopolitan campsite(s)polite of space.

It's gonna be the party !