De Laen Sanches
2022 / 1’37 / France / Procedural animation
Laen Sanches

Welcome to the world of PLSTC, an underwater dystopia that immerses you in the disturbing reality of plastic pollution in our oceans. Through a series of images generated by AI and composed by hand, this animated film confronts you with the devastating consequences of our habits on marine life.

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The Goose

De Jan Mika
2022 / 12’30 / Czech Republic, France / Stop-Motion
Animation People / Autour de Minuit

A young boy dreams of becoming a professional footballer and playing in the biggest stadiums, but for that he must first win a match in a small court, against a goose.

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The After of the World

By Florentina Gonzales
France / 2022 / 11′ / Animation 2D
Autour de Minuit

Humanity no longer exists, only Fluor and Carlix now remain, two ghosts in sportswear.
They wander among the remains of an extinct civilization, one looking for a Wi-Fi connection, the other
looking for the head of a giant cetacean. A story of meeting and friendship, punctuated by an ultimate playlist : that of the end of the world.



From Edouard Salier
Music Doctor L

France / 2009 / 16′40 / English dialogues
Production : Autour de Minuit / Digital District
In coproduction with Arcadi

Four letters. 400 000 possibilities. One code.

Available on DVD : Experience(s) 5

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AwardsMadrid, Villeurbanne, Venice, Dresden, Byron Bay, The Angels
More than 40 selectionsClermont-Ferrand, Tampere, Cortoons Rome, Circuito off Venice, Strange Paris Festival, Image, Bristol Encounters…

59 seconds

By Mauro Carraro

Switzerland, France / 2017 / 16′ / By Mauro Carraro, english subtitles
Production : Nadasdy, Autour de Minuit

Bruno and Tiziana's love story, upset by 59 seconds that will rewrite one of the most tragic pages in Italian history : the earthquake that devastated Friuli in May 1976.



By Marc Héricher
France /12′ / Animation 3D
Production : Autour de Minuit

Alone in the center of a barren square, the old man in rags collapses.
Suffering, he suffers a parade of contempt from passers-by. However, at the end of the harsh season, the journalists put their camera in front of him. Since then, the spirits become empathetic and try to penetrate the pain of the unfortunate, frozen in his position on all fours. Each offers him, in his way, of love, money, a teddy bear, in a monstrous and absurd process.

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from Mathieu Auvray

France / 2010 / 4’44 / No dialogues / pilot for the series Babioles
Production : Autour de Minuit

Lost in a landfill, looking for some attention from humans, Little Rabbit tries to reach the city with his new companion Little Indian.




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Wishes 2011

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More than 40 selections

Los Angeles Film Festival, Off Courts, FICFA, Court Métrange, Animago Award, Granada, St.Louis, Siggraph, Madrid, Animated Film Festival, RiverRun, Imagina Awards…


Animago Award, Festival Court Métrange, DOK Leipzig, Begles …

Babioles (series)

An animated series by Mathieu Auvray

France / 2012 / 23 x 2’30 / no dialogues
Written by Mathieu Auvray, Sebastien Ors, Nicolas Schmerkin, Am, The devil
Production : Autour de Minuit
In coproduction with Canal+, Rocketta-Valk, Nozon Paris

Little toys from our childhood are lost in our absurd and violent adult world. They wander in search of love, hoping to stand out, not just.

Little Toys from our childhood lost in our absurd and violent grown-up world.
They wander about looking for our love, hoping to get some attention, in vain.



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