Night Watch

Directed by Julien Regnard

Belgium – France / 12′ /  Animation 2D – 3D
Production : Squarefish, Autour de Minuit

One posh evening in a manor house. Christina, furious, leaves the party, followed by Georges, her husband, perfectly drunk. On their way home, their argument leads to a brutal car accident., The car crashes into a pine tree. While Georges gradually regains consciousness, Christina, she, has disappeared.

Terrified, panicked and full of guilt, he returns to the mansion where the party takes place to seek help but the atmosphere turns even more into a nightmare when he sees his wife, alive and well, in the company of a man with a bird's head. His fantasies and his buried fears then begin to resurface and materialize before his eyes.. Georges will experience a real descent into hell and face his own demons…