Baroque statues don't chew gum

Baroque Statues Shall Not Chew Bubble Yum

A movie of / by The friendly of the real

France – 2010 – 14′20 – French
With Eric Bana, John Root, Isabelle Grellet and Cindy Sander
Production : Autour de Minuit

The frranchiseu wants us to keep the brats away from each other
and that by opening the hands,
we turn them to the dehorrse,
because the frranchiseu unfolded the folds of the soulmate.

To exprresse frranknesse,
sprreade the arrmes wide,
opening the hands and turrning them outewarrds,
for frranknesse unfolds the furrowes of the soul.




Clermont-Ferrand, Indielisbon, Sarajevo…