The Master’s Voice : Caveman

By Guilherme Marcondes

France – USA – Brazil / 10 min
Produced by Autour de Minuit / Hornet / Bird

Few people know that every night, at 03:33, the clocks stop and time freezes for an instant. For a fraction of a second, a second night comes to life, a magical night where the spirits of the city come together and organize their own neighborhood parties. Some souls, the less fortunate, trapped between these two worlds, are in charge of controlling this tumult.
This is the story of the eternal struggle for the soul of São Paulo, the clash between bohemia and authoritarianism, between comedy and horror.

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NEW TRAILER Caveirão from Guilherme Marcondes on Vimeo.

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Caveirão Trailer from Guilherme Marcondes on Vimeo.

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