Trinkets in Liberation

Of 14 at 17 Last September took place the now traditional Forum Cartoon, quasi-compulsory meeting of animation producers, who can present their current projects to investors and broadcasters.

For this 21st edition which took place in Sopron in Hungary, there were sixty-two projects presented. A good half of these projects will obtain financing to move on to the next phase of their production or will complete their budget. But all of them will still need a lot of effort from a lot of people before they hit the screens and, Moreover, of this little boost from the public that we now call the buzz and which can, otherwise move mountains, tip over a chilly decision maker.

It is of course impossible to show here all the projects presented and these are only teasers, but here is one (all) small selection which shows that the talents, the techniques, ideas, this is not what European creators are missing, who are also not afraid to show their difference (and you will also see that some Nordics are not shy).