“The Monster of Nix” by Rosto enfin available on DVD !

The animated film “Nix's monster” (30′) is finally available on DVD-PAL with English subtitles, French, and dutch.
You can order it for 14,50 euros (shipping costs included for Europe) and 16 euros (rest of the world).
The DVD comes with a set of stickers and access to the online documentary / making-of of 50′ to learn all about the making of the film.

Note for the United States (and other NTSC regions): le DVD region 0 works on computers and basic DVD players, but NTSC televisions don't play it.

Send us a message at boutique@autourdeminuit.com with the subject line : “Order NIX DVD”

We are very pleased to announce that the 30-minute animated musical film is finally available on DVD
and ready to be owned by you!
This release is PAL-only and includes English, Dutch and French subtitles.

Note to our U.S. (and other NTSC
oriented) friends: The DVD is Region Code 0 and will play just fine on laptops and regular DVD players. However, NTSC television sets will have problems with it.

With the disc comes a set of Nix character stickers, badges and a postcard as well as a password granting online access to a 50-minute making-of documentary.

The DVD is yours for 14,50 euros (incl. postage within Europe) or 16 euros (rest of world).

Please send an email to: boutique@autourdeminuit.com with subject “Order NIX DVD”.