Short films

Cinema Rex

By Eliran Peled and Maryan Engelman
2020 / 6′ / Israel / Animation 2D
Aldy Pai TLV, Exit Peled

In a city plagued by divisions, two kids belonging to opposite clans meet at the cinema Rex. He only speaks Hebrew, she than arabic. They will manage to form a true friendship, based on a common language, Magic : the movie theater.


Lost Brain

2021 / 6’30 / Suisse / animation 2D
Nadasdy Films / AIR MAIL

A beautiful day, Louise la dame crocodile, sneezes his brain into his hands. And to top it all, he escapes her and flees. It must be said that Louise is no longer very young. From this day on, strangely, she finds it difficult to perform the simplest tasks. Nothing works for him anymore.


the carousel

DeAugusto Schillaci
2022 / 9’30 / Canada, USA / Animation 3D

The touching story of Argentinian ride operators who dedicated their lives to bringing enchantment and happiness to children and their neighborhoods.
It's a story of perseverance and community beyond individualism.


Hopper’s Day

De Jingqi Zhang
2021 / 5′ / USA / Animation 2D
Fran Crause

Water is a precious resource in the quarry, where a small cricket with a dream finds himself competing for access with an army of ants while trying to avoid a hungry crow and lizard. The water he seeks is not just for himself, but for his glorious garden oasis hidden in an old boot.



Carlos Salgado
2020 / 8′ / Spain / 2D and 3D animation
A Late Love / Ancient Mariner

A space explorer embarks on a difficult journey to complete his mission : transport an alien plant to its planet to guarantee its preservation.


Selection Process

By Carla Pereira
2020 / 3′ / Spain / Stop-Motion
TVOn Productions

A cat has a job interview during which its skills will be evaluated by three mice. As the interview unfolds, the situation is getting more and more uncomfortable.


Leopoldo from the Bar

By Diego Porral
2021 / 5’30 / Spain / Animation 2D
Joaquin Garralda Monereo

Leopoldo's reality abruptly changes when the bar he's been frequenting for 12 years firm. Loneliness visits him in the form of Mauricio, a giant pigeon with verbal diarrhea that will convince him to accept his fate.