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the carousel

DeAugusto Schillaci
2022 / 9’30 / Canada, USA / Animation 3D

The touching story of Argentinian ride operators who dedicated their lives to bringing enchantment and happiness to children and their neighborhoods.
It's a story of perseverance and community beyond individualism.


Hopper’s Day

De Jingqi Zhang
2021 / 5′ / USA / Animation 2D
Fran Crause

Water is a precious resource in the quarry, where a small cricket with a dream finds himself competing for access with an army of ants while trying to avoid a hungry crow and lizard. The water he seeks is not just for himself, but for his glorious garden oasis hidden in an old boot.



Carlos Salgado
2020 / 8′ / Spain / 2D and 3D animation
A Late Love / Ancient Mariner

A space explorer embarks on a difficult journey to complete his mission : transport an alien plant to its planet to guarantee its preservation.


Leopoldo from the Bar

By Diego Porral
2021 / 5’30 / Spain / Animation 2D
Joaquin Garralda Monereo

Leopoldo's reality abruptly changes when the bar he's been frequenting for 12 years firm. Loneliness visits him in the form of Mauricio, a giant pigeon with verbal diarrhea that will convince him to accept his fate.



Theo W. Scott
2021 / 5′ / UK / Animation 2D
Cintel Global / BFI Network

A hand-drawn sequential telling of human history in all its horror and glory, culminating in our next evolutionary leap. Cuties explores the elusive beauty in how we as a species continue forward in spite of our proclivity for destruction.


Salvation Has No Name

De Joseph Wallace
2022 / 17′ / France, Czech Republic / Stop Motion
Delaval Film / Autour de Minuit / Animation People

A troupe of clowns come together to tell the story of a priest and a refugee whom villagers refuse to welcome. But as the story unfolds, the lines between fiction and reality are beginning to blur.


“Leaving school” – PREVERT

France / 13×3′ / Dialogues in French / English subtitles
Prod. : So much the better productions, France Televisions


List of films :

Marigold Birds – Marie Larrivee, Camille Authouart (ENSAD)
Leaving school – Purple Peuscet (EMCA)
So many forests – Burcu Sankur, Geoffrey godet (Supinfocom Valenciennes)
The Beautiful Families – Armelle Renac (Supinfocom Valenciennes)
Sleeping donkey – Caroline Lefevre (EMCA)
I am what I am – Marion Auvin (EMCA)
Writing page – Marion Lacourt (ENSAD)
The dunce – Chenghua Yang (EMCA)
The Lighthouse Keeper is too fond of birds – Clement de Ruyter (GOBELINS)
The discontented dromedary – Morgane Le Péchon (The Powder Magazine)
The School of Fine Arts – Anne Huynh (Ste Geneviève)
Free time – Marine Blin (The Powder Magazine)
Almost – Melia Gilson (MORE)

To accompany the screening of films : “Leaving school : the exhibition

19, Nevers street

19, Nevers street

This film is part of the collection / This film is part of the collection : “Leaving school”, late season.

By Iulia Voitova
France / 2019 / 3′ / French dialogues, English Subtitles
Production : So much better Prod

Crumpled, smoothed out, folded, unfolded, torn ! welcome to 19, Nevers Street, a paper town.

Crumpled, uncrumpled, wrinkled, rumpled, shred ! Welcome to the 19th Street of Nevers, a paper city.