Captain Tonus

By Sophie Decroisette & Jerome Mouscadet

France / 2022 / 12 x 2’30 / French dialogues
Production : Dada ! Animation

Captain Tonus is a unique scientific adventurer. A real Thomas Pesquet of the human body. On board his ship, the Positron, which has the ability to shrink to the size of a cell and is equipped with surprising cutting-edge equipment, Captain Tonus has the ability to go inside a human body to observe how it works.. She can thus explain the rules of good health… from the inside ! Tonus is supported in her adventures by an original companion : its on-board computer called Neurone.

In every adventure, the Captain answers a question asked by a child. These questions concern the rules of good health that children must follow and which they do not necessarily understand.

For example, why you should not only eat sweet foods, why it is important to brush your teeth morning and evening or why you should not look at a screen before sleeping.

Captain Tonus, assisted by the Neurone on-board computer, analyze the question. Then, thanks to the futuristic technology it is equipped with, the Positron and its Captain miniaturize and project themselves into a human body. Once in the area concerned by the question, Captain Tonus explains “from the inside”, scientifically and visually, the why of the rule of good health.


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