The Shadoks and the mysterious disease

Collection Canal+ “Always draw”

Directed by Thieery Dejean

France / 2016 / 3’30
Production : aaa production

Among the Shadoks, it's the panic : a mysterious disease has just touched the curious birds. Everybody's talking right and wrong, gives his opinion on everything and nothing, nobody agrees, and the slightest discussion ends in fist fight. Before, the Shadoks spent most of their time pumping, now they spend it fighting ! Professor Shadoko is preparing a vaccine to counter this terrible scourge.

For the Shadoks, panic strikes. A mysterious disease infects these curious creatures. Everyone talks about it, giving their various opinions. But all discussions lead to fighting. Before, they spent all their time enjoying, now it’s just a constant brawl. The professor Shadoko prepares a vaccination agains this terrible disease.