The Big Story in a nutshell

By Antoine Robert
Adapted from the book The Big Story in a nutshell (ivan li : ivan li) by Serge Bloch
France / 2016 / 7’27 / Dialogues in French, English, Spanish, Italy, German, Brazilian or Flemish.
Production : Bachibouzouk, Me

A child on a walk discovers a small line lying on the path. Mechanically, he puts it in his pocket, forget it. But the line is alive ! This is the start of a long shared adventure. The little line grows with the child and becomes his friend, it takes all kinds of forms, translates the rich palette of life’s emotions. It is magic ! And if he makes her see all the colors, sulks or sometimes hides, he helps her too, l’encourage, save him, surprises him and makes him laugh...