Eve's secret

“Eve’s Secret” By Séverine Assous, Jérémi Boutelet, Stephanie Clement, Marion Hassan, Ren-Hsien Hsu, Maxence Martin, Gaël Megherbi, Heloise Papillon, Julien soler, Jean-Baptiste Trullu
Illustrator / Screenwriter : Sophie Dutertre

France / 2011 / 4’28 / No dialogues
Production : Cargo Films

Born from a tube of paint, Eve never stops despairing of her unfinished body wandering in an unfinished world. From metamorphoses to encounters with disturbing female spiders or birds, she is finally reconciled thanks to a pair of legs, and become a woman.

Born out of a paint tube, Eve is filled with despair for her unfinished body wandering through an unfinished world…



Le Secret d'Eve