By Stan & Vince, Navy Brown, Antoine Foulot, Cheng Li, YuYou Ling, Ines Pagniez, Raphael Théolade, Paul brand
Illustrator / Screenwriter : Stan & Vince

France / 2011 / 5’ / no dialogues
Production : Cargo Films

At the other end of the universe, in a forest with gigantic trees, a fruit falls to the ground : he opens one eye, then another ... a creature has just been born ! Already a nourishing breast attracts him. This is the story of a whole species that begins ! But isn't it already written ?

At the other edge of the universe, in a forest of giant trees, one piece of fruit falls to the ground: it half-opens one eye, then the other … a creature is born! The story of a species begins! But hasn’t it been written already?