Panic in the village : the film

Panic in the village : The film / A Town called Panic : The Feature Film

By Vincent Patar & Stephane Aubier
Belgium – France / 76 min / French dialogues – English dub
Production : The Production Party
Target age : 10 years and older

Cowboy and Indian are disaster professionals. As soon as they have a project, chaos comes out of its box. This time, they want to wish Cheval a happy birthday. Which gift ? A DIY barbecue ! Nice idea, except that the order slips, and Cowboy and Indian are delivered a billion bricks ! It's not a birthday anymore, it's a tsunami ! Cheval's house disappears under the bricks, crushed. We have to rebuild it ! Are you talking about a birthday? ! Especially since thieves seize the walls as soon as they are built !
Definitely, Horse will never be able to take advantage of this special day to join the filly he loves, Madame Longrée, and who gives piano lessons at the conservatory next door. Instead of that, he will have to face improbable underwater creatures, an angry bear, three mad scientists and a psychopathic matriarch. A journey to the center of the earth, in snowy steppes, in an underwater world, which will make them experience a panic in the village like they have never experienced before.

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