Telerific Vodoo

By Paul Jadoul
Music by Paul Jadoul

Belgium / 2006 / 4′ / No dialogues
Production : Production workshop of La Cambre ASBL
with the help of the French community of Belgium.

The end of the world will come- does she when the 5 minutes will have passed? A changing world dictated by music.

Available on DVD : Animatic Volume 4



Teleferic Vodoo / by Paul Jadoul / 2006
Teleferic Vodoo / by Paul Jadoul / 2006telerific-vodoo-2

More than 10 selections

Nemo, Venice, Munich, New Belgrade, Utrecht, Rixensart, Valenciennes, Taiwan, Grenoble, Paris…


Utrecht, Rixensart, Valenciennes, Grenoble…