Experience(s) 2

The best of the new images of the Némo Festival, Arcadi's multimedia meeting.

Flesh, Edouard Salier
The Eel, Dominic Hailstone
90° Jules Janaud, Raphaël Martinez-Bachelor
City Paradise, Gaelle Denis
Carlitopolis, Luis Nieto
Black Day to Freedrom, Rob Chiu
Pgi-13, Beom Sik Shim
Three Gnossiennes, Robert saint clair
Velvet cell, Thomas Hicks
Singing in the rain, Sam Brady
Hitchocok, Reuben Sutherland
Sixes Last, Arvind palep
Treatmen, Yanning Willmann

BONUS : Generics Nemo 2006
Making of Flesh
Making of Carlitopolis
Making of 90°
Four (teaser)

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