Experience(s) 3

The best new images – Nemo 2007

The Tale of How, the Blackheart Gang, South Africa, 2006
Face, Hendrick Dussollier, France, 2006
Silence is Golden, Chris Shepherd, UK, 2006
Apnea, Claude Chabot, France, 2006
Raymond, Bif, UK, France, 2007
Hydromatopoietikon, Andes Jogensen, Norway, 2006
458 NM, Jan Bitzer, Liija Brunck, Tom Weber, Germany, 2006
Pink Punk : yapolitical, Andy Oates, UK, 2006
Gardens by the Bay, Squint/Opera/ UK, 2006
Leviathan, Simon Bogjevic-Narath, Cratie, 2006
Sound Mirrors, Up the Resolution, UK
Postman, postpanic, Netherlands, 2005
200_Nanowebbers, Semiconductor, Uk, 2005
Rootsnine, Monkeymen, Germany, 2006
Ranch, Impactist, USA, 2006
Blissful, Leftchannel, USA, 2006
Destruckt, The Holograms, France 2007

BONUS : Meischeid, de Matray
Making of Apnea
Chris Shepherd, Silence is Golden
Teaser Naiade
Generics Nemo 2007

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