Domestic Animals

Jean Lecointre took courses at the Superior School of Graphic Arts in Paris. He then creates his own collages for the press, publishing or television and publishes his first illustrations for Liberation before putting in images the cult “Plasma swing” written by Pierre La Police.
In 2003, he switches to animation with “Turkish Delights”, a collection of pastry adventures broadcast on C +. After the release of the albums “Les Dents du loup” (2002), “Pets” (2007) and “A la mode” (2010), 3 particularly noticed works, "The Odyssey of Outis" obtains the nugget of the best album at the Salon de Montreuil in 2013.

2016 / France / French dialogues / English subtitles

Single version of 22 min + version 5 episodes of 5 min.

Episode 1 : The dog
Episode 2 : Cat
Episode 3 : Fly
Episode 4 : The toad
Episode 5 : The butterfly

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