Freaked out

An animated series of 20×2′ for young adults and adults with the voice of Kyan Khojandi

Directed by Théo Grosjean & Mothy
Artistic direction : Kyan khojandi
Adapted from Théo Grosjean's comic strip "The Most Freaked Out Man in the World : Small terrors of everyday life ”edited by Delcourt

Freaked out (adapted from comics “The most freaked out man in the world” by Théo Grosjean) is an autobiographical series featuring Theo's daily life through short independent stories., a character suffering from anxiety disorders. For him, everything is a potential source of anxiety : the metro corridors, an evening with friends, a plane trip, a dark alley at night ...

In constant cogitation, he imagines the worst scenarios adapted to each situation, as harmless as they are. The series explores, from his tired eyes and his brain suffocated with fear, his universe both banal and anxiety-provoking.

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