No-No (Nerd)

A TV series for kids age 4 to 6
Based on the books by Magali Le Huche

Literary adaptation: Léonie De Rudder & Thierry gaudin
Graphic adaptation: Mathieu Auvray
Directed by: Mathieu Auvray

France / 2016 / 52×7′ + a TV special of 26′ / French & English dialogues
Production : Autour de Minuit
In development with Canal+

In Sous-bois-les-bains, the days go by in joy and good humor !

And every morning, No-No the platypus wakes up with a cool new idea that he can't wait to put into practice ... except he's not quite sure how ! He's like that, No-No : "I have lots of ideas ... but how do we do it ? »
To get out of doubt, so he rushes to his friends who, them, always have a ready-made solution to offer ... if it does not correspond to THEIR personality to THEM ! Everyone is convinced that they are right except that No-No is unique and needs a solution that suits them, to HIM !
So our heroes often find themselves saying "no, non, NON ! »Embarrassed, revolted or frankly exasperated depending on the degree of delirium of his friends : Magaïveur, Bio, Zoubi, Grouillette and Grocroc.
He will not stop saying "No No" until he finds HIS solution himself.


In Underwood Springs, every day starts out as a beautiful, happy day!

And every morning, No-No the platypus wakes up with an amazing new idea that he can’t wait to try out… if only he knew how! That’s just the kind of platypus No-No is: “I’ve got lots of ideas… I just don’t know how to make them happen!”
To get a clearer picture of how to put his ideas into action, he races to his friends for advice. The problem is that they always have a one-size-fits-all solution for him… even if it the one size is THEIR OWN! Worse still, each of them is convinced that they’re right… but No-No is one-of-a-kind, he needs a solution that is tailor-made for HIM!
So, depending on how carried away his friends – Magaïver, Veggie, Buggy, Speedy, and Bigtooth – become with their own madcap ideas, our hero finds himself having to turn down their suggestions with an awkward, "One, nah”; an exasperated, “No, thanks!” or a screaming “NO!!!!”
With a “No-no” here and a “No-no” there, he fumbles and stumbles his way through their solutions until he finds the one that’s right for HIM.