Families / Families

Duration : 70 min.
Available in DCP and digital files.
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Adults – Duration : 70 min.
Available in DCP and HD digital files.
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Through the hawthorn
Three characters, three points of view, three directors. A session with a psychiatrist, a schizophrenic patient and his mother.

The Ringer
A man meets his father for the first time. You could imagine that they will make up for lost time and that the son will learn all about his past. But he is not at the end of his surprises ...

Unicorn blood
Two brother cubs go hunting the unicorn, their favorite game. Unicorns have tender flesh and delicious blueberry-flavored blood that cubs need to stay so cute ...

Dog Days
Grace, the last born of a bourgeois American family, is swapped at birth with Doug, the little puppy from a family of "beaufs".

The Regulator
A man and a woman adopt a child in pieces. But the choice of pieces is not easy and the long-awaited child will not be as perfect as it should have been.

The School of Fine Arts
In a box of woven straw
The father chooses a small ball of paper
And he throws it away
In the bowl ...