Metamorphosis / Metamorphosis

Teenager / Adults- Duration : 60 min.
Available in digital files, DCP or DVD
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Adults – Duration : 60 min.
Available in DCP and HD digital files.
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Ex Animo

A lively impression.

The story of the most important emotions in our lives, from birth to death.

Nightmarish portraits ...

The labyrinth
6 m² for life ...

Frosted Mouse
A dark and surreal vision in which the elements get lost in an endless whirlwind.

Bendito 5
A distant traveler arrives to discover supposedly unexplored territory.
Instead he finds himself at the center of a tumultuous conflict. He must in spite of himself wait for the storm to pass. Trapped in spite of himself, he must patiently wait for the storm to pass ...

So many forests
So many forests torn from the earth and massacred, completed, rotativées…

A modern view of Venus.

New york 1950. Passionate about painting, Jack scours museums all day long. He steals paintings there which he then hides at home.

They thought they were the only real beings in this strange world ...