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Evening Around Midnight at the Méliès cinema in Montreuil !

Autour de Minuit participates in the animation festival in October with the programs Animated Acids bringing together his best productions, as well as’Animal Acids including the medium-length documentary by Nieto, Nasturtium.

Screening on Monday 26 October at 8 p.m. at the Méliès cinema in Montreuil

Programming :

ANIMATED ACIDS (82′) at 20h

Carlitopolis, grandchild, 3’30 pre-selected for the César 2008 Special mention, Clermont-Ferrand Festival 2006 Dix, Bif, 7′ In competition, Venice 2008 Awarded at the Clermont-Ferrand Festival 2009 Plays, Hendrick Dusollier, 12′ Prix SCAM 2005 3 Elves 2005 Appointed to the Caesar 2006 Empire, Edouard Salier, 4′ Digital Artwork Award, Clermont-Ferrand Festival 2006 Public Prize, Festival International de Brooklyn 2005 Flesh, Edouard Salier, 10′ In competition, Venice 2005 Producer Procirep Award, Clermont-Ferrand Festival 2006 Morana, Simon Bogojevic Narath, 12’25 Special mention, Annecy Festival 2008 4, Edouard Salier, 16’40 Awarded at Circuito Off, Venice festival 2009 Logorama, H5, Francois Alaux, Hervé de Crécy, Ludovic Houplain, 16’05 Kodak Discovery Prize – Critics' week, Cannes 2009

ANIMAL ACIDS (60’) at 22hLogorama / H5 / 2009

King Crab Attack, Grégoire Sivan, 7′ Selected at the Toronto and Palm Springs festivals 2009 The Tale of How, Blackheart Gang 4,30 Special mention, Annecy Festival 2007 Fabrics, Guilherme Marcondes, 4’30 Press award, Special mention from the jury – Clermont-Ferrand Festival 2007 Nasturtium, grandchild, 45′

in World Premiere !

A selection of animated and crazy films seen or awarded at CANNES, VENICE, SUNDANCE, ANNECY, CLERMONT-FERRAND…


Monday 26 October
Animated Acids at 8 p.m.
Animal Acids at 10 p.m.
Entrance 3 €
Cinema Le Méliès
Croix-de-Chavaux shopping center
Phone. 01 48 58 90 13 (answering machine for schedules)
Subway 9 Cross of Chavaux

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Simon Bogojevic Narath at the Images forum

Tonight, mardi 30 June 2009, to 19h, instead a carte blanche to Simon Bogojevic Narath. He will present different of his short (leviathan, morana, plasticat), those of other directors, as well as excerpts from Bonobo Studio's new projects.

More info on the website of the images forum

30 June 7 p.m. at the Forum des images

Animated Balkans

Carte blanche to Simon Bogojevic Narath

Noticed at festivals for its short films - Plasticat, the ambitious Leviathan and, recently, the strange and fascinating Morana -, Croatian Simon Bogojevic Narath is arguably the most promising author of his generation in the Balkans. Zagreb Fine Arts graduate, he has been working since 1990 on experimental films and video installations. In 1993, he launched into animation and founded FX Interzone, which produces computer graphics videos for television channels. He is currently artistic director of Bonobostudio, specializing in animated short films and experimental films.

Carte blanche to Simon Bogojevic Narath

The films of Simon Bogojevic Narath and the productions of Bonobostudio (subject) :

Hand of the Master (1995, 6min) ; Plasticat (2003, 10min), Leviathan (2006, 15min) and Morana (2008, 13min) de Simon Bogojevic Narath ; She Who Measures de Veljko Popovic (2008, 7min) ; Relocated by Vladislav Kneževic (2005, 12 min) ; Soldier of David Peroš Bonnot (2006, 5min) and excerpts from new Bonobostudio productions : The Flowers of Battle de Simon Bogojevic Narath ; Old Woman and the Dog de Veljko Popovic ; Archaeo29 by Vladislav Knezevic ; A Tale from the Beginning of Time by Božidar Trkulja ; Jozef de Dario Jurican and Larcana Project by Nikola Radovic (sketches, designs, animation tests – 15min).


Naiade and Dix awarded, May Festivals

In April, we had some awards including :

In May some of our films can been seen in the following festivals :

In June we will be present at : Detmoid, Brooklyn, The Touquet, Annecy, Grimstad, Roma, Toronto, Puchon, Munich, Lausanne, Bratislava, Melbourne, Paris, Trieste… Stay tuned