“Leaving school” – PREVERT

A collection of 13 animated films that set the poetry of Jacques Prévert in motion.

France / 13×3′ / Dialogues in French / English subtitles
Prod. : So much the better productions, France Televisions
Target audience : 4 years and older


Jean-Michel is a full house at the Cartoon Forum://youtu.be/MGfrlijbctA

List of films :

Marigold Birds – Marie Larrivee, Camille Authouart (ENSAD)
Leaving school – Purple Peuscet (EMCA)
So many forests – Burcu Sankur, Geoffrey godet (Supinfocom Valenciennes)
The Beautiful Families – Armelle Renac (Supinfocom Valenciennes)
Sleeping donkey – Caroline Lefevre (EMCA)
I am what I am – Marion Auvin (EMCA)
Writing page – Marion Lacourt (ENSAD)
The dunce – Chenghua Yang (EMCA)
The Lighthouse Keeper is too fond of birds – Clement de Ruyter (GOBELINS)
The discontented dromedary – Morgane Le Péchon (The Powder Magazine)
The School of Fine Arts – Anne Huynh (Ste Geneviève)
Free time – Marine Blin (The Powder Magazine)
Almost – Melia Gilson (MORE)

To accompany the screening of films : “Leaving school : the exhibition