“Leaving school” – Claude Roy

“Literature is perfectly useless : its only use is that it helps to live. »

Claude Roy

A collection of animated short films, which proposes to associate 13 poems by Claude Roy to the graphic universe of young directors.

2018 / France / 13×3′ / Dialogues in French / English subtitles
Prod. : So much the better productions, France Televisions

Target audience : 4 years and older

Discreet Water – Etienne BAILLEU (The Powder Magazine)
The Uncertain Bestiary – Inès BERNARD-ESPINA (EMCA)
The Smart Bird – Gaëtan BORDE (RUBIKA)
Dizzy Starlings – Melody BOULISSIERE (The Powder Magazine)
The Model Portrait - Cynthia Bald (EMCA)
Listening-silence – Clémentine CAMPOS (EMCA)
A moment – Roxane CAMPOY (Georges Méliès)
The Lost Garden – Natalia CHERNYSHEVA (The Powder Magazine)
The child with his head in the air - Listen DAVID (ENSAD)
The long-distance captain Snail – Adeline FAYE (The Powder Magazine)
The Key to the Fields – Lucas MALBRUN (ENSAD)
The Closed Window – Jean-Baptiste PELTIER (ENSAD)