Jean Michel, Super Caribou (season 2)

Jean Michel, Super Caribou (season 2) / Jeremy Super Caribou (season 2)

By Mathieu Auvray and Pauline Pinson
52 x 11′ / France / French dialogues
Production : Autour de Minuit
Target audience : 6 – 9 year olds

From the books of Magali Le Huche, © Editions Actes Sud
Literary adaptation : Régis Jaulin

Welcome to the pretty town of Vlalbonvent ! Its town hall, his post, its café and its inhabitants will enchant you, all more astonishing and turned on the ones than the others. Fortunately, Jean-Michel the Caribou of the Woods, the super emotional super hero, watch over the village like Superman over Metropolis !
The season will explore three new themes : gender equality, ecology and the defense of individual freedoms, citizenship and critical thinking.

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