From Edouard Salier
Music Doctor L

France / 2005 / 10′ / No dialogues
Production : Autour de Minuit

The Empire reveals everything but sees nothing.
His enemies idealize everything but tolerate nothing.
The earthly orgasm of cathodic whores for some.
The eternal orgasm of 70 heavenly virgins for others.
What if the flesh was alone in the world ?

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Flash / Edouard Salier / 2005

Flash / Edouard Salier / 2005Flash / Edouard Salier / 2005

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Venice, Resfest, Imago Portugal, Zagreb, Stockholm, Clermont-Ferrand, Gijon, Sundance, Mar del Plata, Singapore, Annecy, Onedotzero, Anima Mundi …


Pre-selection for the Caesar (French Academy Awards) 2007
Best innovative film / FNC Montreal, Best short film / Gijon, Experimental prize / In prison,
Best Animated short film / Sonar, Grand Prize / Split, Animago, The Mouth of the Wolf ...