Animatic Volume 5

The best of international animation : short films, clips, surprises…

Morana, de Simon Bogojevic-Narath
Even in a dream, by Alice Taylor
It doesn't mean anything (V2), de Claude Duty
She Who Measures, by Veljko Popovic
Al dente, by Carlos Felipe Leon Ortiz, Maël François and Jean-François Barthelemy
Moving Still, by Santiago Caicedo de Roux
The tail of the mouse, by Benjamin Renner
Timelapsus, by Pablo Barquin, Marcos Coral and Mauro Gimferrer
The Pearce Sisters, by Luis Cook
Géraldine, by Arthur de Pins
The history of the world : the discovery of language, de Phil Mulloy
THE CLIPS : Coffee (Oldelaf), by Stéphanie Marguerite and Émilie Tarascou
Stella (Luke), by Nadia Micault
Pierrot (Loïc Lantoine), by Patrick Volve
Sixth Walk (Cla), by Laurie Thinot

BONUS : Prof Nieto Show n ° 3 : Cuniculus, by Nieto
Ascis Big Koi, de Yué Wu
Nova Grand Mix : Funk, by Geoffroy de Grécy
Nova Grand Mix : Electro, by Romain Ségaud.
Teaser DVD Nieto
Teaser DVD Salier
Teaser Experience(s) 04
Location Collection

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